About this Blog

The aim of this blog is to provide information to business professionals, investors, academics and the general public on executive remuneration policies and practices in the United Kingdom and abroad. Posts will examine levels of executive pay both locally and globally, trends in executive pay policies, and best practices to follow when designing and implementing executive remuneration policies. In addition to providing information and analysis, this blog will encourage readers to reflect on, and debate, all aspects of executive pay, from the levels of pay being awarded, to the efficacy of policies that address pay levels.

About the Author, Kaylan Massie

I am a Canadian-qualified barrister and solicitor focusing on executive benefits, labour and employment law. After practising labour and employment law in Canada, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Labour Law from the University of Cape Town, where I am currently an associate at the Institute of Development and Labour Law (IDLL). I recently co-authored a book on executive remuneration entitled “Executive Salaries in South Africa: Who Should Have a Say on Pay?”

I am currently located in London, United Kingdom. In addition to working as an associate at the IDLL, I offer consulting services to companies and other interested stakeholders on all aspects of employment and remuneration policies, from executive pay to sexual harassment and appropriate-use policies. Please contact me at kmassie@remunerationmatters.com to discuss your consulting requirements.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kaylan,

    This is the most exciting thing to happen in the executive remuneration space in a long long time. From what i know of Kaylan it will be an independent, vigorous and extremely insightful look at a very complex issue.

    all the best



  2. Kaylan, I’m delighted that you’ve created this space to actively engage on this issue and to share your insights of a complex global problem. I look forward to reading your posts. All the best, Debbie


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